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Numerous years of intensive breeding work are required to achieve the goal of securing open-pollinated crops for all cultivated plants. From the outset, ReinSaat has committed itself to the biodynamic cultivation of vegetable crops. The permanent focal point of our work is to develop regionally adapted, open-pollinated cultivated plants and to make them available for commercial cultivation as well as amateur vegetable growers.

The selection in respect of shape, colour, taste, flavour and vitality is a significant breeding method. Harvest security, marketable quality, manufacturing quality, transportability and storage ability are equally weighted and incorporated in the breeding activities.

Together with propagation companies from all over Austria and other European partners, the diversity of open-pollinated varieties is constantly further developed at the headquarters of ReinSaat and the propagation farms - participative plant breeding.

Best seed quality for consumers, commercial and amateur vegetable growers is ensured in accordance with the following breeding objectives:

  • Appearance, shape and colour
  • Food quality, taste and aroma
  • Harvest security
  • Natural reproductive power (open-pollinated varieties)
  • NO hybrid and genetic engineering
  • Harmonious plant growth
  • Regional adaptability
  • Resistance to diseases and pests
  • Long-term plant health

Following these basic principles ReinSaat has defined the cornerstones of its corporate philosophy:

  • Holistic perspective on plants and human beings
  • Consideration of the requests of health-conscious consumers - seed quality is food quality
  • Promotion of the diversity of crops
  • Sustainable organic and biodynamic farming, targeted use of biodynamic preparations
  • Preservation and development of regional varieties which are well adapted to the environment
  • Changing locations in breeding (varying soil and climatic conditions), selection of different sowing times
  • Preservation, promotion and dissemination of practical knowledge concerning the cultivation and propagation of seeds.

Being aware of the major challenges concerning seed breeding in the future, the team of ReinSaat works daily with great quality commitment in the implementation of these objectives.

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