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Lindegger Sommer

Raphanus sativus L.
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Half-long variety which does not get woody easily; the ideal beer / white radish Sowing: from April to July directly on site. Sowing depth about 0.5-1cm. Earlier maturity by using foils/fleece. Cultivation: 20-30 cm row spacing, 6-8 cm within the row. If required, single out.  Location: as sunny as possible, in midsummer half-shady. Loose, humus-rich soils. Reduced need for fertilizers. Harvest: from June to September. Too thick stand and lack of water result in a rapid bolting of radishes.  Used for: raw meals, decoration and salads Hint: This mixed culture keeps ground flea away since these prefer the cress.

Thousand grain weight: 12.95 g
Article number: Re33
Portioning weight: 5 g
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  • Cultivation information

    Raphanus sativus var. niger L.

    Sowing: outdoors – beginning of March (under the foil) till mid- August;

    in cold greenhouse – from the end of January till the end of February and

                                   from the end August till early September.

    Distances: 20-30 x 15-20 cm

    Required quantity of seeds: 30-60 g/acre

    Sowing depth: approx. 1cm

    Thousand seeds mass: 8-12g

    Propagator: BSA, RFE, ROS

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