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Temprano de Argelia

Cucurbita pepo L.
Very early ripening, high-yielding, creeping variety with short, club-shaped, light green, marbled zucchini. Good, fine taste. Fruits can be harvested small (10-12 cm) with a flower, suitable for fresh market sale. Ideal for early cultivation. From the end of June to the beginning of July, cultivation of a second growth is recommended.
Thousand grain weight: 130.98 g
Article number: Zu16
Portion contents: 10 Seeds
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Sow/ plant outdoors

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  • Cultivation information

    Cucurbita pepo var. giromontilina


    Sowing: pre-cultivation from mid-April for planting from mid-May (after the last frosts);

                  direct sowing outdoors from beginning of May (in warm locations)

    Distances: plant spacing 100 x 100cm

    Required quantity of seeds: approx. 50g /acre

    Thousand seeds mass: 100-200g

    Propagator: BSA, JPE, GHO, MAH, PWA, RFE, SPE, WAP