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Propagation farms

ABI - Farm Alexander Bittner

Farm Alexander Bittner Krummasel 33 D-29482 Küsten

Small farm cultivates legume rarities in the heart of Wendland. Sandy loam soil, 450 mm rainfall, dry summers

ADE - Adi Eder und Tochter Sigrid

A-2253 Weikendorf, Dörfles 4   (Photo)

This farm is located on the northern edge of the Marchfield with calcareous, loamy and sandy soils. Cultivation of vegetables, culinary herbs, roots vegetables and grains. 480-550 mm annual precipitation, 9.9 ° C annual average temperature.


AJG - Antionio Jesús Galdeano - Abdera organic

E-04713 Balanegra (Berja), C. Torre Alhamilla S/N

The farm is located in Andalusia in the south of Spain along the coast (foothills of the Sierra Nevada). Low annual precipitation; annual average temperature: approx. 18°C. Since 2008, this Demeter farm has been producing a large variety of vegetables on a farm with 1 hectare of greenhouses and 1 hectare of fields.

ARD - EARL Le Jardin de Pagnac

Arnaud Dutheil Route de Pagnac 5 FR-87430 Verneuil-sur-Vienne

10-hectare farm in Masif Central - highland region in south-central France at 290 m above sea level. Acidic, shallow, predominantly sandy-loamy soils on granite. Specialised in the production of diversified vegetables and vegetable seeds.

ASC - Mary, Sabine and Andreas Schmidt

A-2135 Neudorf/Staatz 157 (Photo)

Our 44-hectare farm is situated on the edge of the Laa Basin at 230 m above sea level. Dry, windy locations with an annual precipitation of approx. 400 mm. The soils range from heavy, deep Chernozem soils and pure sand soils to sandy loam. Very multifaceted farm specializing in suckler cow husbandry as well as the cultivation of special crops and vegetables.

BPP - Biocyclic Park P.C.

GR-24009 Kalamata, Ethea Messinias (Photo)

On the farm near Kalamata in the south of the Peloponnese, quality compost has been produced on the basis of olive pomace and olive leaves since 1997. Part of it is refined into bio-cyclic humus soil, on which okra, Hokkaido pumpkins and other vegetables are grown and propagated according to the bio-cyclic vegan guidelines. The special properties of humus soil affect the growth of plants and activate their natural nutrient absorption capacity.

CGI - Christian Gilli

A-3720 Ravelsbach, Gaindorf 51 (Photo)

Small, diverse farm in the Weinviertel at 260 m above sea level. Wine-growing climate with nutrient-rich brown earth soils. Sale of seeds and young plants, ewe farming.

CRO - Claudia Rossi, Hazienda Agraria Rossi

I-52044 Cortona (AR), Via Teverina C.S. 24, Italy (Photo)

Mixed farm with a size of 20 hectares, 700m above sea level (Apennine foothills in Tuscany). Cultivation of fruits, vegetables, herbs and seeds; loamy sandy soils rich in humus; hot and dry summers; cold winters with high precipitation. 

CZI - Christoph Zimmermann

A-2253 Weikendorf, Rathausstraße 5

Farm for direct market sale in Marchfeld, approx. 500 mm annual precipitation, 9.9°C. Calcareous, loamy sand soil. Cereals, corn, green peas, seeds propagation.

DBH-De Beersche Hoeve, Teun Luijten

NL-5091 RA Oostelbeers, Baesterdijk 5

Growing fresh vegetables, seeds propagation and breeding on approx. 20 ha. Sandy soils, 70 cm humus, 780 mm annual precipitation.

ECP - Erich und Claudia Pfeisinger

A-3804 Allentsteig, Dr. Ernst Krenn Straße 42 (Photo)

Farm in Waldviertel at approx. 550 m above sea level. Light soils. Cultivation of cereals, legumes and special crops.

EWE - Mts. Westers Bio-Akkerbouw - Erwin Westers

NL-9978TB Hornhuizen, Dijksterweg 12 (Photo)

Arable and vegetable farm located in the far north of the Netherlands. Gentle soil cultivation and closed farm cycles result in a regenerative farming system.

FER - Fermentarium, Hoheneder and Mayer GesbR

A-3470 Oberstockstall, Alchemistenstraße 8

The vegetable grower is located at 247 metres above sea level, in the wine-growing area Wagram with an annual average temperature of 9.5 degrees Celsius. The annual precipitation varies between 300 and 400 mm. Soil type: black earth on top of loess. The ridge planting method according to Turiel enables to create conditions which improve the water retention capacity in the soil.

FPE - Azienda Agricola "Franceso Penazzi"

I-40020 Lizano in Belvedere (BO) (Photo)

The 10-hectare farm is located 600 m above sea level in the region Emilia Romagna at the centre of the Apennines. The farm focuses on the production of small quantities of particularly labour-intensive crops such as herbs, vegetables and field crops.

GAM - Norbert Gamerith

A-3595 Brunn / Wild, St.Marein 18 (Photo)

The farm is located on the edge of Horn Basin in the Waldviertel at 500 m above sea level; annual precipitation: 500 mm. Arable farm with grain, forage and vegetables.

GBL - Gartenbauschule Langenlois

A-3550 Langenlois, Am Rosenhügel 15 Experimental and educational garden Haindorf (Photo)

Protected crops, producing fruit vegetables - outdoor lettuce, herbs, cabbage and root vegetables. Altitude of 213 m; annual precipitation up to 500 mm; soil type: loamy silt to 100 cm, beneath fine sandy loam.

GEP - Gernot Prattes

Flurweg 5 A-8541 Bad Schwanberg

Located at the foot of the Kor Alps at 431m above sea level, sandy silt. Specialised in seeds production of vegetables and medicinal plants

GHO - Gerhard Hof

A-2253 Weikendorf, Doerfles 3 (Photo)

Location exposed to wind on the northern edge of the Marchfeld. Dry locations of calcareous, loamy sand. 150 m above sea level; annual precipitation: 480-550 mm; average annual temperature: 9.90 °C.

GST - Gottfried Steiner

A-3571 Gars/Kamp, Julius Kiennaststraße 71 (Photo)

The operation is located on the edge of the wine-growing region in a valley. Rather light soils which are occasionally stony. Annual precipitation: approx. 420 mm. Herbs, spices, grain, linseed and sunflowers are cultivated on a surface of around 40 hectares.

HIS - Gärtnerei Querbeet

D-79356 Eichstetten am Kaiserstuhl

Located in the Upper Rhine Plain at 220 m above sea level, the nursery Querbeet in Eichstetten am Kaiserstuhl has been using biodynamic methods since 1954. Cultivation of various types of vegetables on a surface of 12 hectares. Annual precipitation 750 mm; warm climate. Fertile loess soils at the Kaiserstuhl mountain and sandy loam in the Rhine Plain. The nursery is a partner company of Regionalwert AG Freiburg.

HOB - Christa and Franz Hobiger

A-3922 Friedreichs 16

Multifaceted farming operation in the upper Waldviertel, 700 meters above sea level. 12 hectares of arable and grassland, 7 hectares of forests. Blondvieh breeding, maintenance and reproduction of endangered old potato and grain varieties.

HSC - Herbert Schleinzer

A-2074 Unterretzbach 36 (Photo)

Biodynamic viticulture on 13 hectares; 23 hectares of arable land. Breeding and reproduction of the oil pumpkin Retzer gold. Altitude of 230 m, annual precipitation: approx. 380-420 mm; average annual temperature: 9.50°C.

JAN - Jan Jesch-Böhnhardt

A-2120 Wolkersdorf im Weinviertel (Photo)

Organic plant nursery near Wolkersdorf in the Weinviertel. Colourful diversity of vegetable, flower, seedling and seed varieties. Wine-growing area on the edge of the Marchfeld, located at about 170 m above sea level.

JOS - Jos Jeuken and Ellen Krull

NL-8255 RK Swifterbant Elandweg 46 (Photo)

Mixed farm, 32 hectares of arable land, 45 hectares of grassland, located in Flevopolder, in the Ijsselmeer. Young calcareous clay soils; annual precipitation: 750 mm.

JPE - Maria and Johann Peitl

A-2154 Unterstinkenbrunn 6 (Photo)

Main emphasis on vegetable cultivation (propagation farm); Pannonian climate; 100 m above sea level, annual precipitation: approx. 500 mm. Wet black earth with frequently heavy soil types; Chernozem soils consisting of loess and sandy soil.

LEI - Leisenhofgärtnerei

A-4040 Linz, Petrinumstraße 12 (Photo)

The small nursery (0.75 hectares, 300 m above sea level) is located at the foot and under the protection of the Pöstlingberg. Loamy soil on primary rocks is the basis for our cultivation of vegetables as well as flowers, herbs and berries.

LER -Lerchenhof, Franziska Lerch und Reinhard Seitner

A-3491 Straß, Diendorf am Walde 14

Agricultural activities are diversified on a reduced space at the Manhartsberg where the Waldviertel borders on the Weinviertel: Seed propagation, beekeeping, cultivation of organic vegetables and sheep farming. The farm focuses on open pollinating varieties, conservation varieties and the cultivation of organically bred varieties. Regional product marketing strengthens the network created by the interplay between humans, animals and crops.

MAH - Biohof Madritsch-Halder

A-9623 St. Stefan / Gail (Photo)

The farm is located in the Gailtal in Carinthia at about 700 m above sea level, annual precipitation: approx. 1300 mm; 7 hectares of agricultural land, specialization in vegetable cultivation with direct marketing and orchard cultivation with fruit marketing. Soil: sandy loam.

MFE - Markus Fellner

A-2253 Weikendorf, Marktstraße 17

Farm located in the Marchfeld, 9.9°C average annual temperature, 500 mm precipitation, Chernosem soils. Cultivation of legumes and special crops, seeds multiplication.

MIC - Meinklang, Familie Michlits

A-7152 Pamhagen, Hauptstrasse 86

Demeter farm with agriculture, orchards, vineyards and cattle, farmed by the extended family Michlits. Beginning of the Pannonian lowland; 120m above sea level; continental climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and cold winters. Windy impact, low precipitation - approx. 500 ml/ year; loamy sand soils with partially very good humus cover, partially pervaded by gravel stones of fluvial deposition.

MOM - Monika Mühr

A-2253 Wekendorf, Dörfles 8 (Photo)

Propagation area in Obersiebenbrunn. Small, diverse farm in the heart of the Marchfeld. Warm, dry, deep soils. Seeds, vegetables for regional markets, oil fruits.

MRH - Martin Ringhoffer

HU-6600 Szentes, Tanya 11

Vegetable and arable farm in the Hungarian lowlands. Average temperature 10.5 °C, 310 mm rainfall in the growing season. Clay soils, river deposits. Cereals, sunflowers, vegetables for fresh market sale and processing of paprika powder.

MUS - Martina and Siegfried Fink

A-2032 Enzesdorf im Thale, Am Berg 60

Mixed farm located in the region of the Weinviertel. The main emphasis is on root crops and rare grain varieties. 267 m above sea level with approx. 450 mm annual precipitation. Soils: sandy loam, brown earth and Chernozem.

NJE - Neuner Gmbh, Johann and Eva Neuner

A-2253 Weikendorf, Erlenweg 4 (Photo)

Mixed arable farm on the northern edge of the Marchfeld with cereals, root crops, threshed spices, leaf herbs and vegetables. Sandy loamy soils, light Chernozem soils. 149 m above sea level; annual precipitation: 450-550 mm; annual average temperature: 9.9° C.

OHG - Ochsenherz Gärtnerhof

A-2230 Gänserndorf, Tannengasse 1/32

The farm was founded at the beginning of 2002; 5 hectares of agricultural land; specialization in the cultivation of numerous vegetable varieties with direct marketing as well as seed reproduction and the work with old grain varieties; warm, light and shallow soils on gravel subsoils; annual precipitation: approx. 500 mm; annual average temperature: 9.9° C.

PAN - Anna Weidmann-Andert, Markus Andert

A-7152 Pamhagen, Söllnergasse 8 (Photo)

Mixed farming operation, vegetable cultivation, viticulture, grain farming; 121 m above sea level, annual precipitation up to 500 mm; Pannonian climate, warm soils, sandy loam on gravel subsoil, clayey half-bog soil.

POL-Sarl Agricole Ferme de la Poltiere-Nicolas&Florence Seguin

FR-17550 Dolus d'Oléron, Chemin Fief Moine - La Poltière (Photo)

Farm on the island of d'Oleron off the French Atlantic coast. Mediterranean microclimate with lots of sunshine and mild, wet winters. Loamy soil over clay subsoil. Year-round cultivation of a wide range of vegetable varieties, young plants and seeds production. 

PWA - Peter Wansch

A-3910 Zwettl, Hörmanns 1

Mixed farm, suckler cow husbandry and arable farming in the north of the Waldviertel at an altitude of 600 m. Cultivation of cereals, potatoes and vegetables.

RDH - Daniela und Harald Rohrmanstorfer

A-4202 Kirchschlag bei Linz, Panoramastraße 18

This small farm approx. 600 m2 is located at 850 m above sea level in the Upper Austrian Mühlviertel. Mostly dry location with sandy/loamy soil, low in lime. Seeds of flowers, herbs and vegetables are propagated and harvested by hand.

RFE - Reinhild Frech-Emmelmann

A-3572 St. Leonhard / Hornerwald 69

The farm is located on the south-eastern edge of the Waldviertel at 540 m above sea level; annual precipitation: approx. 500-600 mm; sandy loam on primary rocks. Mixed farming operation with a focus on vegetable seed production and breeding. As a recognized propagation company, ReinSaat breeds and multiplies varieties of Kultursaat in addition to its own seeds.

ROS - Rose Saatzucht Erfurt

D-99092 Erfurt, In Gströdig 9, Germany (Photo)

9 hectares of deep loess soils (very high soil quality of 80-90 points of value; precipitation of 520 mm) are cultivated in the north of Erfurt. 7 hectares of seed production for perennials: medicinal, aromatic and spice plants as well as vegetables.

RUL - Rupert Leeb

A-2020 Schöngrabern 119 (Photo)

The multifaceted farming operation is located in the west of the Weinviertel. Cereals, potatoes, amaranth, soy, hemp, sunflowers, corn and wine are grow an altitude 250 to 340 m above sea level. Small-scale cultivation of vegetables and herbs to be marketed directly at the farm shop. Average annual precipitation 519 mm, annual average temperature 9.2°C.
 Soil type: chernozem/black soil, silty loam.


SFP - Andra und Florian Poller

A-2041 Wullersdorf, Schulstraße 346

Versatile farm located in the western Weinviertel. In addition to classic market fruits, aniseed, coriander, watermelons and chervil beet are also grown and marketed directly at an altitude of about 250 m above sea level. Soil type: calcareous moist black earth; soil type: predominantly loamy silt.

SPE - Stefan Penov

BG-8300 Sredets, Vassil Kolarov 103, Bulgaria

30 hectares of arable land, 12 hectares of meadows, 5 hectares of orchards, 4 hectares of vineyards. 80 m above sea level. Risk of early and late frost. The summers are marked by periods of drought; the autumns are mild and the winters are short but cold; wind comes from the sea.

TOE - Tristan Toé, Jahbauer-Biosain GesnbR

A-3571 Gars am Kamp, Am Wachtberg 78

The farm with a size of approx. 1 hectare is located within a historical clearing at the Wachtberg mountain near Thunau am Kamp. Pannonian climate with hot and dry summers and cold winters with little snow; located 470 m above sea level. The sandy ground which is enriched with Terra Preta compost offers ideal conditions for the cultivation of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Direct fresh market sale and seeds production.

UKG - Ute Kirchgässer

DE-61209 Echzell, Kronstraße

20.75 ha of biodynamically farmed open land, embedded in a Demeter dairy and arable farm at 130 m above sea level without irrigation at the transition to the basalt ridge of the Vogelberg, clayey alluvial loam on basalt with 60-70 soil points. Annual precipitation 550 mm. Focus on vegetable breeding, breeding research, conservation breeding, small share of seed propagation.

WAP - Robert Wappl

A-2486 Siegersdorf, Pottendorferstr. 66 (Photo)

The farm with 29 hectares of arable land is located in the Vienna Basin. 217 m above sea level, annual precipitation: approx. 500 mm. Dry, windy locations, different soil conditions of very light, gravelly to waterlogged, medium soils. Specialization in garlic, threshed spices and cereals.

WTH - Gärtnerei A8, Willem und Titia t’Hooft

NL-3941 PS Doorn, Achterweg 8 (Photo)

On an area of about 2 hectares, vegetables and herbs are cultivated for regional markets and the propagation of young plants. Seeds propagation and cultivation of different crops. Humus layer on sandy soils and agreeable maritime climate.


XST -Can Tria Ecològic SLU, Xavier Safont-Tria Ramon

E-08304 Mataró, Carretera de Mata km3 (BV-5031)

A traditional farming operation which is situated in the outback of the coastal region Mataró, northeast of Barcelona. Annual precipitation: 650 mm. Cultivation of vegetables and mixed crops on 7 hectares. Direct fresh market sale and sale in their own organic food store. The grandfather already worked with open-pollinated regional vegetable varieties.


ZFS - Ingrid und Christoph Zehrfuchs

A- 8241 Dechantskirchen, Kroisbach 108

Community-supported agriculture in eastern Styria. 530 m above sea level, 850 mm of precipitation and an average annual temperature of 8.6°C. Diverse farm with vegetables and fruits growing in regenerative systems.




All farming operations marked with the Bio logo are inspected at regular intervals by a nationally accredited organic inspection body and are in accordance with the Council Regulation (EC) no 834/2007 in its applicable version organic certified.

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