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Brassica juncea
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Spicy, slightly pungent taste of these tender, young, finely notched, green leaves is reminiscent of wasabi (similar to horseradish). Older, more curled leaves are very suitable for wok dishes. Cold-resistant variety, ideal for growing indoors in cooler months. Baby leaf harvesting after three weeks. Full development in 40–45 days.
Thousand grain weight: 1.74 g
Article number: Ko74
Portion contents: 1 g
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  • Cultivation information

    Direct sowing outdoors under fleece starting from February/March and July until September; pre-cultivation for frost-free conservatories from July to January for succession planting; cold greenhouses from February to April

    Distances: broad sowing or in rows with a spacing of approx. 15-20 cm; 2-3 cm within the row

    Required quantity of seeds: bunches: 80-100 g/are; cut leaves: 150-180 g/are; TSW 2.5-3.5 g; approx. 80 grains/running metre

    Sowing depth: approx. 1-2 cm