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Bionda a costa larga argentata 2

Beta vulgaris L. var. vulgaris
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Tall, upright growing chard with dark green, slightly curled leaves and wide, white ribs. Sowing: in greenhouse from February, outdoors from March to July. Ripening period: approx. 60 days. In a mild climate can be sown until October for harvesting in spring. Bolt-resistant variety.
Thousand grain weight: 14.41 g
Article number: Ma15
Portion contents: 2.5 g
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Sow/ plant outdoors

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  • Cultivation information

    Beta vulgaris var. vulgaris L.


    Pre-cultivation: for outdoors – from March till June to plant from April till July;

                              for overwintering in cold greenhouse – from beginning of September

                              to plant in the beginning of October.

    Sowing direct outside: April till mid-June

    Germination temperature: 18 – 20°C

    Distances:  30-40 cm

    Required quantity of seeds: pre-cultivation 24g/acre; direct sowing 100-150 g/acre

    Sowing depth: approx. 3 cm

    Thousand seeds mass: 10-18g

    Propagator: FPE, GHO, RFE, SAL, WTH