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Partner companies

AMA -Amarant - Fanci Perdih

SI-1281 Kresnice, Golisce 3, Slovenia

Amarant organizes the organic cultivation of vegetable seeds on Demeter and Biodar farms in central Slovenia. The farms are located in the Alpine foothills of Southern Slovenia and in the karst landscape at altitudes of 300-700 m with a sub-mediterranean climate.

ARC - Arcoiris

I-41100 Via Labriola 18/a-b 42 Modena, Italy

Arcoiris is a seed company from Modena specializing in open-pollinating varieties from biodynamic and organic cultivation. Its offer contains an extensive range of vegetable, herb and flower seeds as well as cereal seeds. The seed propagation farm is located in the Apennines between Bologna and Florence, 700 m above sea level; bran-clay soil; annual precipitation: 800 mm.

BSA - Bingenheimer Saatgut AG

D-61209 Echzell, Kronstraße 24

The Bingenheimer Saatgut AG is the coordination point in the Initiativkreis für Gemüsesaatgut (IKG, Initiative for vegetable seeds from biodynamic and organic farming). The company coordinates the seed production in over 80 farming operations in Germany and its the neighboring countries and also supports the propagators with professional advice and trainings opportunities. The processing, quality control as well as the distribution of the seeds are carried out in Bingenheim near Frankfurt am Main. Gardeners which propagate, breed and preserve seeds for biodynamic and organic cutivation work together in the Initiativkreis. A major emphasis are the biodynamic new varieties of Kultursaat e.V. Since 1980, the cooperation with the Initiativkreis has been marked by partner-like economic relations and the motto "Varieties are a cultural asset".

DBO - De Bolster

Oude Oenerweg 13, 8161 PL Epe, Netherlands

This farm is located in the middle of Holland, 8 meters above sea level and has humus sandy soil. The farm has 5.5 ha of fields and cultivates 3000 m2 of greenhouses. 2 ha are available for breeding and selection. Order multiplications for ReinSaat in the Netherlands, Italy and Moldova.

DOU - Familie Dowes

Pieter Venemakade 61, 8605 PL Kielwindeweer, Niederlande

Located in Western Frisia, a few meters above sea level; sandy soil rich in humus (Podzol), strong marine influence with mild winters. Biodynamic seed establishment.

ELB - Kartoffelvielfalt Ellenberg

D-29576 Barum, Ebstorfer Straße 1

Potato diversity from the  Luneburg Heath. Production of seed potatoes since 1991. Cultivation of over 100 historic varieties and breeding of new potato varieties. Member of Bioverita, the Europe-wide network of organic plant breeders.


GLD - GIE l’Ail Dromois

F-26400 Eurre, 1868 Route des Limites

Production of organic garlic in the southeast of France in the department Drôme. Average sea level 150-420 m. Mediterranean climate with typical north winds (mistral). Sandy clay-limestone soils and an annual precipitation 850 mm favour the production of garlic and shallots.

GSO -Gartensoja, Fabian von Beesten

D-79232 March, Dorfstraße 43 (Photo)

Gartensoja offers seeds and knowhow concerning the cultivation of edamame soy beans. GMO-free, open-pollinated edamame soy bean varieties are propagated for local cultivation in cooperation with Japanese breeders. The propagation is carried out at Naturland farms at the Kaiserstuhl mountain in South Baden at 250m above sea level; annual average temperature: 12°C; loess loam and clayey loam.

LVS Living Seeds - Sementes Vivas SA

PT-6060-270, Herdade do Couto da Várzea, Estrada Nacional 354, Idanha-a-Nova

Propagation, maintenance and new breeding of open-pollinated varieties on biodynamic and organic farms.

NOS - Lower Austrian Seed Growers' Co-operative

A-384 Windigsteig, Meires 25

Potatoes breeding and seed potatoes propagation on a total of 300 propagation farms in Lower Austria

SAT - Sativa- Rheinau AG

SAT - Sativa-Rheinau AG Klosterplatz, 8462 Rheinau, Switzerland

Rheinau is located directly on the Rhine, about 4 km below the Rhine Falls of Schaffhausen, approx. 370 m above sea level, 700 mm annual precipitation. Sativa Rheinau works on the grounds of 145 ha organic-dynamic farm Gut Rheinau. A wide range of vegetables and agricultural seeds are propagated on the estate and other propagation farms in Switzerland. In addition to its own varieties, Sativa breeds and propagates seeds from Kultursaat. Bioverita association promotes the awareness of organically bred varieties on the market. Most important organic breeders from German-speaking countries are members of Bioverita association. Bioverita logo makes the outstanding quality of GMO-free organic varieties more visible to consumers.

SCO - Seed Co-operative

Gosberton Bank Nursery, Gosberton, Spalding GB-PE11 4PB Lincolnshire, Great Britain

Demeter seeds production in Scotland and distribution within the framework of a Camphill community. Propagates varieties of Kultursaat.

TIM - Ecobulbs Timmermann

NL-1654 JK Benningbroek, Oosterstraat 21 (Photo)

For over 10 years, the farm of the Timmerman Family which extends over an area of 24 hectares has been farmed according to the principles of organic farming. The organic flower bulbs production comprises around 60 tulip varieties, 25 different daffodil varieties and various other spring flowers.

TOP - Onions b.v.

NL-4431 NJ´s-Gravenpolder, Baarlandsezandweg 5 (Photo)

Production of onions and shallots sets in the Netherlands and France




All farming operations marked with the EU-Bio logo are inspected at regular intervals by a nationally accredited organic inspection body and are in accordance with the Council Regulation (EC) no. 834/2007 in its applicable version organic certified.

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