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Capsicum frutescens L.
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Bird-Type-Chili from ReinSaat breeding. Forms upright growing fruit clusters. Ripening from green to red. Unripe fruit clusters ripen after harvest. Ideal for fresh market sale as it can be harvested in clusters. For raw consumption and for chilli powder preparation. Degree of hotness: 4 - 6.
Thousand grain weight: 5.54 g
Article number: Pa8
Portion contents: 30 Seeds
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  • Cultivation information

    Capsicum annuum

    Sowing: from mid to end of February, planting in the greenhouse

    from mid to end of April; in warm locations outdoors from mid-May

    Germination temperature: 22°C

    Distances: greenhouse 50x70 cm, outdoors 40x50 cm

    Required quantity of seeds: 2-6 g/acre 

    Sowing depth: approx. 1 cm

    Thousand seeds mass: 4,5 -  9 g

    Propagator: AJG, ASC, GBL, GHO, MAH, OHG, PAN, RFE, SMH, SPE, WAP

                  The degrees of hotness are assigned according

                  to a scale of 10: 0 (mild) – 10 (extremely hot).