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Chenopodium giganteum
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Annual, deliciously tasting leaf vegetable. The plants have upright stalks and reach a height of 2 m as well as a width of 1 m. The tender young leaves which are harvested on a regular basis are used for cooking. The youngest shoot tips are strikingly magenta-coloured but soon change their colour to light yellow. They can be boiled as spinach but also be plucked and added raw to salads. Since the older leaves contain too much oxalic acid, they are not very digestible. Outdoor sowing starting from the middle of April; germination period approx. 2 weeks. Light germinator. Transplant young plants 50 cm apart. At the end of the season it is recommended to leave a plant on the bed to enable seed formation.
Thousand grain weight: 0.56 g
Article number: CV156
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