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ReinSaat varieties

ReinSaat® stands for a particularly diversified offer of open-pollinated seeds from organic and biodynamic cultivation – the breeding of new varieties is a key pillar of our work with seeds.

Particularly promising varieties which ensure not only good taste, appealing properties and high yields, but also maximum cultivation stability and marketability, are submitted for inclusion into the EU Common Catalogue of Varieties. Following the mandatory Examination of Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS), Community plant variety rights are granted for varieties for which are distinguishable, uniform, stable and new. (EU)

Other varieties are registered as so called conservation varieties (BB), which are plants worthy of conservation that have been bred for cultivation under specific conditions. These varieties are particularly suited for the varied assortment of direct marketers and home gardeners. 

ReinSaat® is a maintainer of numerous conservation varieties and other varieties (EHZ).

Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
Bo42Black Turtle  Phaesolus vulgarisBB2012 
Bo20Forellenbohne Phaesolus vulgarisEU1994 
Bo11MaronaPhaesolus vulgarisEHZ2015 
Bo19SienaPhaesolus vulgarisEU1994 
Bo18TrebonaPhaesolus vulgarisEHZ2016 
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
Gu12LimonaCucumis sativusEU1999 
Gu11SaikoCucumis sativus EU2017 
Gu4ShintokiwaCucumis sativusin Anm.  
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
Ko14Andor (Weißkraut)Brassica oleracea convar. capitata var. albaEU2014PDF
Ko21Blaro (Kohlrabi)Brassica oleracea var. gongyl. L.EHZ2015 
Ko5Granat (Rotkraut)Brassica oleracea convar. capitata var. rubraEHZ2015 
Ko54Nero di Toscana (Grünkohl)Brassica oleraceaEHZ2016 
CV100Roter Grünkohl (Grünkohl)Brassica oleracea var. SabellicaBB2010 
Ko38Kaito (Chinakohl) Brassica rapa ssp. PekinensisEU2018PDF
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
Kü9Hokkaido OrangeCucurbita maximaEHZ1998 
Kü35 Mini ButternutCucurbita moschataEHZ  
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
CV121FeurioBeta vulgaris L. var. vulgarisBB2010 
Ma17JessicaBeta vulgaris L. var. vulgarisEU2016PDF
Ma12WalliserBeta vulgaris L. var. vulgarisEHZ2015 
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
Me17KonoSolanum MelongenaEU        2018 
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
Mö30MaruschkaDaucus carotaEU2015 
Mö17OchsenherzDaucus carotaEU2010 
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
CV22Antalya´danCapsicum anuumBB2010 
Pa9BarkanCapsicum anuumBB2014 
CV107CornettoCapsicum anuumBB2010 
Pa20Cubo OrangeCapsicum anuumEU2017PDF
Pa21Ferenc TenderCapsicum anuumEU1999 
CV46GlockenpaprikaCapsicum baccatumEHZ  
Pa38JuliettaCapsicum anuumEU2016 
Pa23KoroskoCapsicum anuumEU2009PDF
CV111MustafaCapsicum anuumBB2010 
CV108Tomato Fruit PaprikaCapsicum anuumBB2010 
Pa25ParadisoCapsicum frutescensEHZ2011 
CV23PiluncaCapsicum anuumBB2010 
Pa18RonderoCapsicum anuumBB2013 
CV110SomborckinaCapsicum anuumBB2010 
CV105Sweet chocolateCapsicum anuumBB2010 
Pa15Sweet PalenaCapsicum anuumEU2012PDF
CV109Türkischer GewürzpaprikaCapsicum anuumBB2010 
Pa19ViolettaCapsicum anuumEU 2018 
CV24Yesil TatliCapsicum anuumBB2010 
Pa58YolaCapsicum frutescensEHZ2017 
Pa59RS-Pa-12.18 (Robin)Capsicum anuumin Anm.  
Pa55RS-Pa-10.18 (Cubo Yellow)Capsicum anuumin Anm. PDF
Pa60RS-Pa-12.80 (Runa)Capsicum anuumin Anm.  
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
CV146AciburunCapsicum anuumBB2010 
Pa43Bolivian RainbowCapsicum anuumBB2014 
CV116Capela yellowCapsicum frutescensEHZ  
CV17Capela orangeCapsicum frutescensEHZ  
CV66Capela redCapsicum frutescensEHZ  
CV143Chili MixCapsicum frutescensEHZ  
CV69Croccanti rossiCapsicum anuumBB2010 
CV20ElefantCapsicum anuumBB2010 
CV130Gelbe KirschenCapsicum frutescensEHZ  
Pa31Jalapeño RubenCapsicum anuumEU2012 
CV134KusburnuCapsicum frutescensEHZ  
CV18Lanterna de focCapsicum frutescensEHZ  
CV119Orange KirschenCapsicum frutescensEHZ  
Pa39Poot PepperCapsicum anuumBB2013 
CV19Sarit GatCapsicum anuumEU2017PDF
Pa37Taeyang hotCapsicum anuumBB2014PDF
Pa36Taeyang mediumCapsicum anuumBB2013PDF
Pa35Taeyang mildCapsicum anuumBB2013PDF
CV21Turuncu SpiralCapsicum anuumBB2010 
CV71Wieser MilderCapsicum anuumBB2010 
Pa47LanglangCapsicum anuumin Anm.  
Pa48YelunaCapsicum anuumin Anm.  
Pa46AuroraCapsicum anuumin Anm.  
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
Sa117MurielleLactuca sativa EU2009 
Sa35VenezianerLactuca sativa EU1995 
CV25Chinesische KeuleLactuca sativa L.BB2010 
Sa58RoshaLactuca sativa L.BB2018 
Sa55ToyaLactuca sativa L.BB2018 
Sa100MerioLactuca sativa L.BB2018 
Sa101LalitaLactuca sativa L.BB2018 
Sa120VittalyLactuca sativa L.in Anm.  
Sa98CocardeLactuca sativa L.in Anm.  
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
To6AnabelleSolanum lycopersicumEU2017 
CV38AurigaSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
CV50Banana LegsSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
To21Black CherrySolanum lycopersicumEU2009 
CV28Black PlumSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
To37Black Trifele 2Solanum lycopersicumBB2013 
CV58Brandywine SherrySolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
To46CarmenSolanum lycopersicumEU2017 
CV139Charlie GreenSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
CV29DattelweinSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
CV91DeBeraoSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
To30DonatellinaSolanum lycopersicumEU2016PDF
CV37Gelbe JohannisbeereSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
CV51German GoldSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
CV30Green ZebraSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
CV31LilacSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
To31LillitSolanum lycopersicumEU2017PDF
CV56Ochsenherz OrangeSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
CV137Olena UkrainanSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
CV140Paul RobsonSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
CV55Red CavernSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
To5RiccaSolanum lycopersicumEU2017PDF
CV152RosaSolanum lycopersicumBB2012 
CV57Shimmeig CregSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
CV138Tschernij PrinzSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
CV32ValenciaSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
CV136White BeautySolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
To36White SensationSolanum lycopersicumBB2014 
CV33Yellow StufferSolanum lycopersicumBB2010 
To25Yellow SubmarineSolanum lycopersicumEHZ2012 
To16ZuckertraubeSolanum lycopersicumEU1994 
To35RevillaSolanum lycopersicumEU2017PDF
To48KalypsoSolanum lycopersicumEU2018 
To49CassioSolanum lycopersicumEU2018 
To32RS-To-16.16 (MiriMiri)Solanum lycopersicum in Anm. PDF
To51RS-To-13.18 (Kalinda)Solanum lycopersicum in Anm. PDF
To52RS-To-14.18 (Pippa)Solanum lycopersicum in Anm. PDF
To50RS-To-12.18 (Torria)Solanum lycopersicum in Anm.  
To53RS-To-15.18 (Fiammante)Solanum lycopersicum in Anm. PDF
To40RS-To-10.18 (Yellow Donut)Solanum lycopersicum in Anm.  
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
Zu92AshworthZea mays con. saccharataBB2015 
Zu91True Sweet GoldZea mays con. saccharataBB2015 
Zu99White SelectionZea mays, PopcornBB2013 
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
Zu11Costates RomanescoCucurbita pepoEU1995   
Art.VarietyVegatableEU/BB/EHZ Approval 
Zw20Cosmo (Winterhecke) Allium fistulosumEU2019 


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